The Safe List ended up being a little under 132,000 words long, but in creating that story, I wrote well over double that. Many plot lines were considered, explored and abandoned as the project evolved.¬†Some scenes were dropped because they didn’t put the characters in the best light. Others were set aside because they didn’t move the story forward.

A word of caution: there may be a few spoilers scattered throughout this section, so if you have not read the book, I suggest you do that first.

As you read these snippets you’ll probably notice some repetition, and fragments of dialogue and narrative that did make it into the story.

For those who would like to catch an alternate glimpse of the world of Kalynn and Layne, here it is.

Prologue 1: Kalynn Prologue 2: Kalynn

Prologue 3: Alexa The Car Wash